Things are going really great and Mandi and I are glad to be able to spend some quite time at home right now. We'll be updating you on the upcoming weekend, we plan on doing some fun stuff! In the meantime here's a cute pic of Maggie and her cousin Emma, ENJOY!

The big news around here, of course, is the arrival of our first child, Maggie James! She's very healthy, she was born in Everett on the 25th at 1:18 AM, and she weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces at birth. Needless to say our lives have been dramaticaly different in the last few days and at times the challenge seemed overwhelming but we're making it through and our lives are actually starting to calm down a bit as we learn more about our baby girl. Are all first time parents so clueless? We've learned it makes a huge difference when you actually feed your baby until they're full! The truth is that Maggie is a very sweet girl with an amazingly calm temperment and we're very grateful for that. She loves to look around at her new home and didn't close her eyes for hours after she was born! And this might sound a little biased but she's also the most beautiful, most perfect, baby in the whole world! Cruise on over to our pictures page if you don't believe me.

Overall we're very tired, James is sick from lack of sleep, we have no money, and still feel overwhelmed at times but we have great family for support and most importantly we have a little girl to love and take care of and we couldn't be happier about that.

Oh! And stay tuned for more updates on a more frequent basis now that we have a baby to show off and all we'll have a ton more content! Later! 

Just Checking In 10/19/2008

I have a hard time blogging mostly because I suffer from the idea that most everything we do wouldn't be interesting to the rest of you. But in the interest of keeping current I will force myself to make an entry.

Mandi and I have been busy working and preparing for winter in our freezing cold house (very little insulation you see), but I suppose the most exciting thing for us is that we are moving forward with my sleep apnea treatments. We've purchased a mouth piece designed to improve my breathing and we've signed up for surgery sometime in December. Hopefully something works!

Other than that we're looking forward to the upcoming holidays with our usual level of excitement and we can't wait to spend some more time with all of you!

We love you and we'll be seeing you soon!


Well, we got back from Birch Bay on Friday. Our group included Mandi and I, Taylor and Leah and kids, Taylor and Leah's friends Shane Mary and their kids, and finally Dan and Kelli and their kids. We all had a great time but it rained a lot.

We arrived in the evening on Wednesday and set up in the twilight, sat around the fire for a bit then went to bed. Mandi and I were glad we thought to set up a seperate canopy above our tent because it poured that first night but we stayed totally dry. We caught twenty-one crab the first day and eighteen the next. We were able to eat as much as we could there at the campsite and bring a good amount home with ourselves as well.

In general everyone had a good time and we all decided we should make it a yearly tradition, so mark your calandars everyone!

Head over to the pictures page to see all the fun!

Our first entry 08/27/2008

Well, this post is just to get things going so it's going to be a short one.

Mandi and I are just getting ready to go crabbing up at Birch Bay with the Stimmel clan so look forward to pictures of that adventure coming up.

Also, Mandi and I just got back from our anniversary trip to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. It was awsome, and two years have gone by already, can you believe it? Pictures for that trip to folllow as well.